Well, looky here - I’ve remembered I have a blog!

It’s been a-a-a-a-a-a-ages, but I’ve finally got round to logging back in and clearing the backlog of spam comments. I’ve been meaning to write something (anything) for a while, but there just never seemed like the right thing worth bothering to say or the right time to do it.

Must get back in the habit…

Okay doke, F1 is back - and it promises to be better than ever.

Whether it will live up to expectations remains to be seen, but qualifying went pretty well today with the grid a little more unusual than people had probably expected.

Lewis outqualifying Jenson and Vettel being ahead of Webber aren’t big shocks but Alonso being behind Massa and the returning Schuey being behind Rosberg will have raised a few eyebrows I’m sure.

Whether we should be shocked about Schumacher or not is debatable as it is his first qualifying session for quite some time, we’ll wait until after the race before we mark his scorecard.

The year 2009 was the year that I bought my first graphic novel - and this was the last I read last year.

Unfortunately, it meant I left the year on a bit of a downer.

I’m not sure exactly what it was that meant I didn’t enjoy this as much as the others, there as just something that didn’t quite catch my attention.  It’s not particularly bad, it’s just not particularly good either!  In my opinion obviously…

Hmm, this book left me a bit mixed up.

I love the Young Bond series and so jumped at the chance to read a new story in the series.  As far as that’s concerned, I really liked this book but unfortunately that only covers the first fifty pages or so.

The rest is taken up by covering stuff anyone who has read the previous books already knows.  It’s a bit like a Young Bond encyclopedia if you like.

I had heard of Harlen Coben, or at least seen his books on the shelves of various bookshops anyway, but had never been interested enough to actually buy one- not for any particular reason I don’t think.

For one reason or another, when ordering some other stuff on Amazon, Long Lost managed to slip into my basket and I must say that I’m glad it did.  It’s obviously the latest in a line of books featuring the lead character, the intriguingly named Myron Bolitar, but not having read any of the previous ones wasn’t a huge handicap I didn’t feel.

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