May 2007

Lewis Hamilton - McLaren’s rookie racerIt seems common sense has prevailed and the FIA have made an unusually speedy decision to clear McLaren of any wrongdoing by instructing team orders at the Monaco Grand Prix last weekend.

I spoke in an earlier post about how hard it would be for the FIA to justify punishing the team so I feel this is the right result. Normally we have to wait for weeks to learn the outcome of their investigations so it is a refreshing change that this happened so quickly.

Peter James - Looking Good DeadIt can be hard to review a book without giving away too much of the plot - especially in a murder-mystery like this book.

This is the second in Peter James’ series of books about Detective Superintendent Roy Grace, and to be honest I haven’t read the first - or any of James’s other books - but after this one I will definitely be searching them out.

Lost - The hit ABC showI managed to avoid reading the spoilers on numerous websites in the lead up to the finale so the final reveal at the end was a genuine shock for me - and I’m glad that I waited as the episode wouldn’t have had the same effect had I known what was coming.

It still doesn’t really explain all that much, but points to the fact that we will see at least some of the crash survivors make it back to civilisation and their “normal” lives. We still don’t know however who makes it back, and when exactly they will make the trip - will it be next season with the further seasons taking place back in the real world, or will they be kept on the island until the bitter end?

McLaren in the Dock - Monaco Grand Prix 2007So the Monaco GP came and went, and surprise, surprise it was yet another dull procession around the Principality.

He who shall lead into the first corner shall go on to win the race - I’m pretty sure that’s a direct quote from the Bible.

Sometimes we are treated to an accident or in the olden days when cars were less reliable then there was always the possibility of the leading cars dropping out, but now the race perceived as the most glamorous in the world is also the dullest.

Dominic Monaghan - Charlie in LostIt’s finally here. Tonight is the showing of the Lost season finale - in America at least, viewers in other countries will have to wait until later in the week.

I’ve tried my best to avoid reading too much about what is going to happen, as the main pleasure from watching Lost is that moment of disbelief when something is finally explained - they don’t give away many answers so when they do, it’s always nice to have that moment of shock as it all unfolds before your eyes.

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