David Coulthard - Red Bull RacingWell I asked and hoped for a points scoring finish from David Coulthard and that’s exactly what he provided! It was a bit touch and go however in a very action-packed Grand Prix in Barcelona.

The attention at the first corner was focussed mainly on Fernando Alonso’s failed attempt at overtaking Felipe Massa around the outside, a move which resulted in a trip through the gravel trap for the Spaniard at his home Grand Prix, and he was actually very lucky not to collect either Lewis Hamilton or Kimi Raikkonen as he rejoined the track.

With the attention pointed on things ahead, DC managed to slip past the Renault of Heikki Kovalainen which was his stated aim before the start as Coulthard was wary that the Finn would hold him up in the opening laps.

In contrast to his last race in Bahrain where he stormed through the field, overtaking cars right, left and centre, there was a distinct lack of overtaking on the track today - from anybody really, not just DC. This was in spite of the introduction of a new chicane prior to the last corner which was apparently built in an attempt to encourage more overtaking.

Due to the various probems of other people, DC made it up to fifth place although Kovalainen put him under some pressure prior to the Renault driver’s pit stop. Once all the stops were completed, it seemed DC was secure in 5th as he was unable to make much impression on Kubica ahead of him in the BMW.

However four laps from the end, the Red Bull appeared to be slowing which spurred the following Rosberg into life and a combination of DC’s rising lap times and Rosberg’s falling lap times meant that it was going to be nip and tuck as to who would cross the finish line first.

Later, DC would reveal that he had lost third gear which was hindering his pace around the Barcelona circuit, but he was able to drive around the problem and hold on to the 5th spot just ahead of the Williams of Rosberg, gaining his first World Championship points of the season in the process - hopefully the first of many! The full run down of the finishing positions can be found here on BlogF1.

As far as the media is concerned, the 2007 Spanish Grand Prix will undoubtedly be remembered for the fact that rookie Lewis Hamilton leaves the Barcelona circuit with a 2 point lead over his team mate Alonso in the World Championship standings, with today’s winner Felipe Massa a further point behind.

Most viewers however, will remember it as an incident packed race which included drama on and off the circuit with as much happening in the pits as on the racetrack itself - Massa left his garage trailing flames after a slight fuel spillage, and Nick Heidfeld left his garage despite one of the wheelnuts flying off, rendering his car undriveable.

For DC though, he should feel relatively happy that his first finish of the year has also brought the first points not only for himself, but also for the team. He has a lot to live up to in a fortnight’s time however, as it’s Monaco up next - the scene of his third place last year, Red Bull’s first, and so far only, podium finish.

Although the team are obviously making progress with the car, and they seem to be moving ahead of the works Renault team with which they share an engine, it looks a dim prospect that Coulthard can repeat that feat this year - certainly not without the help of some of the front runners dropping out.

But never say never.!