Lost - The hit ABC showI’m going to surmise that the whole premise behind the show of Lost is to confuse, bewilder and annoy the life out of it’s viewers - and it seems to be working a treat!

The show is nearing the end of it’s third series (or season as they call them in the US of A), and it’s just been announced that the show will carry on for another three slightly shorter seasons with the finale of all finales airing in 2010 when we will finally discover what the hell is going on!

In a way fans of the show, myself included, will be happy to finally get to understand the full story behind what we have been watching for what will have been 6 years by that time - but at the same time, despite all the moaning about not being given answers, there will be a certain amount of sadness that the programme will be over for good.

Even now, it’s nice when we find out the truth about the smallest of mysteries that have been bugging us for what seems like ages, but when a little piece of the mystery is uncovered it also takes away a little from the mystique around the show. It’s never long though before the producers throw in something else to knock us off track and send the show’s narrative off in another direction.

Lost was the first show I’ve really followed which effectively used a multimedia experience - there were a multitude of websites setup to give the story a seemingly convincing backstory, along with fake adverts run during some shows which intermingled with the action happening in that episode. There has even been someone onscreen seen reading the manuscript of a book called Bad Twin by Gary Troup, a writer who apparently perished in the crash, but a quick search on Amazon will show the book is actually on sale - a very savvy move as it fleshes out the story and blurs the edges between reality and what is happening on viewer’s TV screens, while making the people behind the show a fair bit of cash along the way.

There are many fansites around which are full of people who claim to have it all worked out, but I really doubt any are spot on - some may be close but not spot on. The producers have been accused almost since the show’s pilot that they themselves don’t know what is really going on, that they are making it up as they go along, so it’s hardly likely that a fan of the show has more insight than the makers themselves!

Having now dicussed things with ABC and made the unprecedented move of announcing that the show is guaranteed a slot for the next three years, then it would seem they do actually have a plan of what is going to happen in the future - as they have claimed all along. Given the bad press lately about this season being shunted later in the schedules, and reports of bad viewing figures then it is a bold move by ABC to stick by one of it’s flagship shows so publically - perhaps this will stop the negative press, but I doubt it. The media take great pleasure in building things up, and then trying to knock them back down and Lost is no different.

Back to Season 3 and there is just one more episode before the 2-hour finale on 23rd May. After watching this week’s episode, listening to the official podcast, and reading what I’ve found on the ‘net, it would appear that the finale is going to bring about something which is a huge shock intended to keep everyone talking until the show returns next January.

Somehow I can’t see that happening, but I’m intrigued as to what this big secret can be. It’s apparently going to set the show off in a new direction for the next season, and has something to do with Jack Shepherd - but what that secret is I have absolutely no idea!

The finale at the end of last season, gave us all hope that this season would see someone rescue the survivors from the island, and while we have had a couple leave the island’s shores (Michael and Walt), we haven’t seen hide nor hair of them since so noone knows if they have made it back to “reality”. Jack and Juliet also came close to leaving the island, but those plans were somewhat scuppered - along with the escape route for anyone else on the island, or islands as we now know there is more than one.

In this season, we have also learnt that there is contact possible between the island and the mainland - we have seen video evidence sent from mainland America back to the island, and have also seen a live TV feed which all seem to prove that Jack etc really are still alive but somehow unreachable by the “real world”.

Or does it?

We’ve also lately had the arrival of a new crash survivor in the form of Naomi who crashed whilst parachuting onto the island in search of Desmond. She has a ship nearby, but cannot make contact - apparently the next episode will revolve around trying to call on this ship for help, and there are several rumours that Charlie won’t make it past this attempt.

If he does indeed die, then he will be one of the biggest names to have been killed off - not one of the really big names, like Jack, Kate, Sawyer or Locke but certainly one of the bigger names of the second-tier of main characters in the show. In a show which is now confirmed as going to last 6 years, it was inevitable that there would be some casualties along the way - both from a story point of view, and also from a logistical point of view of having so many people contracted to spending half their year filming in Hawaii.

It’s a hard life!

For once, the people working on the show genuinely seem to know as little as us, the viewers, so it’s unlikely a disgruntled cast member who has been killed off will ever spill the beans on “the big picture” - looks like we’ll just have to keep watching and wondering, at the same time wanting the end to come and provide answers, yet also slightly dreading the day that Lost will no longer fill our screens.

Now, if only I could work out what Jack’s big secret is…

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