Dominic Monaghan - Charlie in LostIt’s finally here. Tonight is the showing of the Lost season finale - in America at least, viewers in other countries will have to wait until later in the week.

I’ve tried my best to avoid reading too much about what is going to happen, as the main pleasure from watching Lost is that moment of disbelief when something is finally explained - they don’t give away many answers so when they do, it’s always nice to have that moment of shock as it all unfolds before your eyes.

Having said that, I’ve not managed to avoid the speculation totally so I have a rough idea of where this episode will be going - in as far as I know we are going to find out something pretty major about one of the main characters which is meant to be “mind-blowing” and points us in the direction the show will take over the next season or so.

But what else will happen? How many characters will make it through this finale? Will Charlie really die as Desmond reckons he will? What actually happens at the Looking Glass hatch? Will there be further contact with the outside world? Will we see Jacob again? Will Locke survive?

There are so many theories flying about on blogs and forums that it’s nigh on impossible to read them all - some are flights of fancy which simply cannot be true, but others are well thought out pieces of work which would put the writers of the show to shame!

In just a few hours, the speculation will all be over - for this season at least…