Lost - The hit ABC showI managed to avoid reading the spoilers on numerous websites in the lead up to the finale so the final reveal at the end was a genuine shock for me - and I’m glad that I waited as the episode wouldn’t have had the same effect had I known what was coming.

It still doesn’t really explain all that much, but points to the fact that we will see at least some of the crash survivors make it back to civilisation and their “normal” lives. We still don’t know however who makes it back, and when exactly they will make the trip - will it be next season with the further seasons taking place back in the real world, or will they be kept on the island until the bitter end?

The show’s creators have deliberately left the future open, hoping that the viewers will keep up the debate over the coming months while Lost is off-air - it’s going to be a long time until it returns at the start of 2008!

As for the show itself, I enjoyed the finale. There was a good mix of on-island story and the story about Jack - which initially looked like yet another flashback, but the twist at the end really made it all worthwhile.

Now we have to wait and see who is right about the “rescuers” - will they really be what they are cracked up to be, or will Ben actually be telling the truth about their real motives for finding the island? Although he is a “bad guy” he does have a habit of being right a fair percentage of the time. Plus Locke really needs to come up with a good excuse for killing Naomi!