Lewis Hamilton - McLaren’s rookie racerIt seems common sense has prevailed and the FIA have made an unusually speedy decision to clear McLaren of any wrongdoing by instructing team orders at the Monaco Grand Prix last weekend.

I spoke in an earlier post about how hard it would be for the FIA to justify punishing the team so I feel this is the right result. Normally we have to wait for weeks to learn the outcome of their investigations so it is a refreshing change that this happened so quickly.

In their statement, the FIA even accept that it would have been foolish for McLaren to allow their two drivers to continue to race against each other and to even encourage Hamilton to try to overtake Alonso, risking taking them both out. This seems an unusually mature view for the FIA to take!

No doubt the press will still find a way of citing this as more evidence of anti-Hamilton bias, but surely that would be madness…