Peter James - Looking Good DeadIt can be hard to review a book without giving away too much of the plot - especially in a murder-mystery like this book.

This is the second in Peter James’ series of books about Detective Superintendent Roy Grace, and to be honest I haven’t read the first - or any of James’s other books - but after this one I will definitely be searching them out.

The basic premise to the story is that a hardworking family man, Tom Bryce, finds a CD left on a train, which he puts into his laptop to see if he can find any clues as to who it belongs to. This triggers a chain of events which starts with him witnessing a murder which has been filmed for distribution on the internet, and leads on to him receiving threats against him and his family should he report anything to the police.

Once the police find the body of the girl who was filmed being murdered, it becomes apparent to Tom that he won’t be able to live with himself if he doesn’t try to help - but if he turns to the police, what consequences will it have on him and his young family?

The pace of the story is brilliant, each stage urging you to read “just one more chapter” to see what is going to happen. The characters are well fleshed out, allowing you to really get a feeling for what each individual is going through.

Now I just need to make my way through the other two books in the series…