June 2007

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After the first episode of this series, I was a little more prepared for this one - but nothing really prepares you for watching a programme like this.

The heartening news from the opening to the programme is that the survival rate is so much better nowadays - 80% now as opposed to all victims not surviving past the first year a few years ago.

Tonight’s programme focused on a 6-year old little girl called Ellie, and a 15-year old boy called Andrew.

Ralf Schumacher blocking out the sense!Why do people have to lie?

Why can’t people hold their hands up and admit they made a mistake?

That’s just two questions I asked myself when I heard Ralf Schumacher being interviewed by Louise Goodman in ITV after his very early exit from the race at Indy on Sunday.  His answer as to why he had crashed out went like this :

Things do happen at the start. The grip was not perfect, and the tyres locked a little bit. It was pretty messy up there. I just got in the way of David or he in my way, one of the two. It’s just unfortunate.

Mr AngryApologies for this becoming more Lewis Hamilton oriented than ITV’s F1 coverage, but while trawling some blogs I came across this one written by ITV’s very own Mark Blundell - it’s not actually all that bad, but there was a comment which I simply couldn’t believe when I read it!

Not too sure what the protocol is for copying comments from another blog, but I’ve shown a link to that site so I’m going to copy the comment below :

Lewis Hamilton - McLaren’s rookie racerHaving been an avid follower of Formula One as I grew up, I’ve seen my fair share of drivers come and go.  The one which stuck around the longest, and has been the sport’s highest performing driver to date is of course Michael Schumacher.

As he was around for so long, and won so much there are several negative points which blighted his career - he was often portrayed as having a “win at all costs” mentality, and there were several incidents throughout his career to back this up.

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