The News of The World today ran a story on it’s front page (in Scotland at least) regarding the personal life of an aunt of Madeleine McCann, the little girl snatched while on holiday in Portugal a few weeks ago, and as far as I’m concerned that’s not on.

Anyone who wishes to become a celebrity these days, whether it’s by playing football. singing in a band, or appearing on TV etc, has to accept that there are journalists and photographers who will be following their every move, trying to catch them out. While it’s easy to sit at home and tut about how terrible it must be for those people who get so famous that they literally can’t leave their house without it becoming a huge media event, the papers and magazines only print these stories because the public buy them - therefore it’s really us who are to blame.

But this woman who had her life story splashed over the front page of what is probably Britain’s highest selling Sunday paper, what had she done to deserve that?

Maddy’s parents have made the decision that the only way to keep their story foremost in people’s minds in the hope that someone will remember something, or spot something, is to agree to a certain amount of media intrusion into their lives as the cameras follow them on the quest for information on the whereabouts of their daughter. Whether that is the right thing to do is another matter, but it’s their choice - there have been columnists in various papers this week arguing both for and against this plan, some say they are doing the right thing, others feel they are torturing themselves by allowing everything to be so public.

The girl’s aunt has done nothing, and presumably didn’t have much of a say in the story being printed - there were some quotes from her in the article, but even if she hadn’t given those then it would probably have been printed anyway. In fact, even if the woman had gone to the paper with the story herself in the hope of making money, I think the newspaper should have declined to print it. Obviously I’ll never get a job editing The News of The World!

There were actually a few articles in the paper today that made me think “I don’t want to be reading this” and so I skipped over them, and before I knew where I was I had read the sport section and the paper was finished! I’m not necessarily picking on the NOTW in particular, plenty of other papers are just as bad. The revelations of various Apprentice hopefulls don’t impact on my enjoyment of the show - so what if Katie has a penchant for married men, preferrably outside in the open air? She is applying for a job with Sir Alan Sugar, so unless she has an affair with him then it’s none of anybody else’s business as far as I’m concerned and certainly isn’t something I want to be reading about over my Crunchy Nut Cornflakes.