I had to take my 2 cats to the vets the other day, not for anything serious they just both needed an injection.  One of the cats is quite a bit older than the other so is more used to being bundled into a basket for transportation.

I wouldn’t go as far as to say she is happy in there, but she doesn’t put up much of a fuss - either in the basket or when she is actually at the vets.  She just sits on the table while I hold her - I swear she does it deliberately, but as the vet sticks the needle in, she looks up at me with those big eyes as if to say “this is all your fault, she is sticking a huge syringe in my neck - thanks!”

The younger cat however is a different ball game altogether - a noisy, wailing ball game!  From the moment I put her in the basket to the moment I let her out again when we got home, she wailed and maiowed her heart out.  And that wasn’t all she let out unfortunately, as I lifted her from the basket it became apparent that she had got a little too frightened and had had a small accident - a lovely aroma soon filled the surgery!

During the injection itself, she wasn’t quite as docile as the other cat and tried her best to attack the vet even though I was holding her facing me - the vet has presumably had a few near-misses in the past and wasn’t long in shifting when the cat’s head spun round towards her!

Nothing quite beats the reaction this cat has to provocation from a vet though…