London 2012 logoNow, I know design is somewhat subjective and everyone has different tastes but this logo which was unveiled today has caused more than a little upset.

This is meant to be “the people’s Olympics” or a soundbite similar to that, so the least we could expect is a logo which the people actually like!! Or even understand…

The unveiling ceremony was full of the usual marketing-speak mumbo-jumbo which used as many big words as possible to say very little - apparently it was impressive stuff, until the logo itself made an appearance at least!

Hopefully the person (or committee, I bet it was a committee) who designed this haven’t also designed the mascot for the Games, because if they did then there are a lot of children who are going to be having nightmares in 2012.

Admittedly the usual logos trotted out for this kind of event are hardly innovative, exciting or memorable - but is it better to be forgotten or remembered for all the worst reasons?

With many products nowadays, such as cars and buildings, if the design is particularly unusual then the reaction to their initial unveiling can be less than complimentary however as time passes and people become more accustomed to them, then often the attitude towards them shifts and allows them to be accepted by the majority.

At first, I thought I was the only person who didn’t like the logo but a quick look around the net before writing this has shown the majority are actually on my side! The BBC have gone to town on the whole thing, even having readers suggest new logos and there are various blogs which are commenting both for and against.

I guess time will tell whether this logo lasts the course, it is still 5 years away so plenty of time for Lord Coe to get his crayons out yet…