London 2012 logo This is still rather dominating things on blogs and forums, although things have slackened off a bit since yesterday.

The Committee in charge of organising the London Olympics have come out in defence of the logo - or “brand” as they call it - and I can understand why they are probably a bit miffed at all the attention it’s receiving.  Most people are complaining that they could have done something similar themselves, and all for a lot less than the £400,000 this image is reported to have cost.

If a design has to be explained for it to be understood by the majority then as far as I’m concerned it’s a design which has failed.

One point to remember though is that these Games don’t happen for another 5 years so who is to say what will be in fashion at that time - perhaps images like this one will be all the rage!

The committee’s spokesperson, and Lord Coe himself yesterday at the unveiling, insisted that the brand was “flexible and will evolve over the next five years” - this sounds a bit like a get-out clause, in that if the public perception doesn’t change then there is a chance it will be altered to suit their tastes.

London 2012 bid logo

Personally, of the two images I prefered this logo which they used while they were simply bidding to become the host city - it has all the information needed, is clean and simple, yet it also has the Thames ribbon running through it to emphasise links with the city of london itself.

London 2012 Logo - suggested by Richard on

Of the many alternatives suggested by readers on the BBC’s site, this is my favourite so far - as there have been so many decent suggestions perhaps they should have saved a whole pile of money and just had a national competition to find a winning emblem!  I’m sure Simon Cowell could have turned it into a money spinner…