BMW Hartge 150iAs a BMW 120d driver, I often cast an admiring glance at the range-topping 130i model as and when I see them out and about.

It’s the kind of car that I always wish I owned, but if I had the chance I would probably baulk at paying all that money to buy a car - and then plenty more on top to insure and run it! That doesn’t stop me admiring them when I see them though, and the sound from the engine is simply superb.

There have been rumours of BMW usurping this model with an even more powerful 135i model. This will still be a 3.0 litre petrol engine, but with twin turbo chargers as is deployed in the new 3-series coupe. There are plenty of people drooling at the prospect of this model being released, if it ever does.

However, in the meantime there is an option which allows owners even more power and performance than this model will be capable of, but it comes at a price…

This is a normal 1-series with some obvious visual tweaks and an M5 engine dropped under the bonnet - it apparently costs 100,000 Euros on top of the price of a donor 118i which you have to provide to be converted, but just listen to the noise of the thing - it’s sublime!