Lewis Hamilton - McLaren’s rookie racerLewis Hamilton has managed to bag his first pole position in only his sixth F1 start - no mean feat, so congratulations to him for that.  He is the first person ever to secure their first pole at the Canadian circuit so it’s obviously not an easy track to learn and drive - especially considering he has never been there before this weekend.

I’m not sure whether he deserved it or not, as I always seem to lose interest during the final phase of qualifying which has to be the dullest part of the whole GP weekend and the sooner they do something about it the better.

Alonso almost pipped him on his last lap, but he managed to outbrake himself at the final corner. As usual, it’s hard to know who has actually done a good job today as everyone has got a different fuel level, etc - presumably Alonso is on the preferred fuel strategy as he is leading the World Championship so I would assume he has first pick.

He will hardly get a mention on ITV however, and neither will the other 20 drivers, as the Lewis Hamilton bandwagon rolls on.

Queue mass hysteria…