Oregon Scientific Crystal Weather StationEngadget is quickly becoming my favourite website!

There’s not much better than a good gadget, something that looks the business and has loads of cool features - and so what if some of them are actually of no real use!

The gadget pictured here though, is a new Weather Station which I think is the best looking thing I’ve seen in ages which lets face it, is one of the most important feature of anything which is challenging for a spot in your home. Not only that but it does really have some real-world use.

If the projected cost is $60 in the States then I think this is amazingly good value considering the exising models on the market at the moment are in and around that price - and most of them look like a dog’s dinner by comparison.

Bookeen CybookNow this is the opposite kind of gadget - something which although it looks cool, to me at least it seems a bit of a waste of technology.

Okay, if you travel an awful lot then hauling a pile of books along with you might be a bit of a hassle but for me at least nothing will ever beat the feeling of a proper paper book. I love gagdets, but this is a step too far for me - technological advances should be just that, they should only be implemented in areas where they improve on the traditional method and for me at least, this is an unnecessary step. But no doubt, it will sell by the bucketload just to prove me wrong - and I’ll have one myself in a year or two!

I really need to stop looking at that site, the list of gadgets I want is getting longer by the second…