Over the last few years, more and more gadgets in our lives have been made available with some form of wireless connectivity - from cordless phones in the house, mobile phones for use outside the house, to wireless internet, wireless headphones, remote controls for everything under the sun, etc, etc the list goes on and on.

One drawback, and something I’ve thought about for a long time now- although I wasn’t sure if it would ever actual become available - was wireless electricity.

At the moment, no matter how many wireless gadgets we own, we either need to keep them stacked up with fresh batteries for power or otherwise they have to be physically connected to the mains electricity to recharge every now and again.

To overcome this and have electricity flying around the place so that they may recharge wirelessly seems a little far fetched, not to mention dangerous.

A company has now come up with a novel solution, which is basically a mat which you would leave on a table or unit and then simply lay your mobile phone or whatever on top of.¬† No matter what type of device was left on top, if it’s rechargeable (and is compatible with the charging mat) then the mat will charge it without the need for a multitude of different charges and cables.

No doubt if this becomes a success then manufacturers will be queuing up for licences to have their products become Wildcharger compatible out of the box - the only people who can really lose out are those that currently make chargers!

It’s not quite the wireless solution I had envisaged, where your phone or remote etc would be charged continually no matter where it was lying, but it’s a step in the right direction!