Mr AngryApologies for this becoming more Lewis Hamilton oriented than ITV’s F1 coverage, but while trawling some blogs I came across this one written by ITV’s very own Mark Blundell - it’s not actually all that bad, but there was a comment which I simply couldn’t believe when I read it!

Not too sure what the protocol is for copying comments from another blog, but I’ve shown a link to that site so I’m going to copy the comment below :

People were saying at the end of last season that we will never see another Schumacher, in terms of ability and dominance, records etc. Then along comes this young man and starts re-writing the record books from scratch. AND he is a genuinely nice guy too, completely lacking the arrogance Schumacher showed.

The only difference is Schumacher never really had many decent top drawer rivals during his dominance. He had good rivals, but not outstanding one’s. Hamilton has. He is racing in the same car as the guy that beat Schumacher two years running, so that is a top level rival, and yet, Hamilton is still winning. OUTSTANDING.
Posted by Ken Hall on June 12, 2007 11:07 AM

I’ve mentioned in a previous post what I think of whether Hamilton is showing an arrogant side or not, but it was the second paragraph which caught my eye. During Michael Schumacher’s career, he had to drive at some point or other against Senna, Prost, Hill, Hakkinen, Mansell, Villeneuve, Coulthard, Barrichello, Raikkonen and Alonso - admittedly the ability of even this select few varies greatly, but of these the drivers which you would most expect to win a World Championship (with the exception of Alonso and perhaps Raikkonen) are all retired.

To say that Schumacher had no outstanding rivals is plainly ridiculous, and to imply Lewis Hamilton’s fellow drivers on the grid are of a higher calibre than those who raced against Michael is again ridiculous.  This would imply that the more talented drivers have just entered the sport this year, and apart from Lewis no other rookie is showing much sign of brilliance thus far.

Admittedly Michael rarely had a driver of his equal in the second car while he was at  Ferrari so in that regard Lewis does have a more formidable rival within his own team, but as a sweeping statement it’s pretty ridiculous.

Sorry, had to get that off my chest!