Ralf Schumacher blocking out the sense!Why do people have to lie?

Why can’t people hold their hands up and admit they made a mistake?

That’s just two questions I asked myself when I heard Ralf Schumacher being interviewed by Louise Goodman in ITV after his very early exit from the race at Indy on Sunday.  His answer as to why he had crashed out went like this :

Things do happen at the start. The grip was not perfect, and the tyres locked a little bit. It was pretty messy up there. I just got in the way of David or he in my way, one of the two. It’s just unfortunate.

It’s just the stupidest answer I think I’ve ever heard as an excuse for crashing into someone!  Anyone who has seen the replays will know for 100% certainty that Coulthard did not get in Ralf’s way - the accident was caused pure and simply by Ralf going into the corner too fast, locking his wheels and therefore running smack bang into the side of DC.

Rumour has it that Ralf is under a bit of pressure to perform at the moment or see his seat at Toyota disappear to another, less expensive, driver so that may be why he was reluctant to take the blame on his shoulders.  It’s a tactic taken by many drivers in the past.

Ralf’s victim this time around is one who has shown a refreshing talent of simply being honest in cases like this.  Coulthard was involved in what was potentially a very serious incident with Alex Wurz in Australia this year - the race stewards were happy to put it down to a racing incident, thereby apportioning no blame to either driver however DC was man enough to take full blame for a rather overly enthusiastic overtaking venture.

If only everyone was as honest it would make life a lot better!