I’ve not posted much lately, and I really need to get back at it.

To be fair, I’ve not had much time but I really need to make time and get some things done!  Most of my free time has been spent sleeping, painting, demolishing or shopping - and not good shopping either (games, books, CDs etc) but shopping for washing machines, wallpaper, paint etc (zzzzzzzzz).

I need to download photographs from my phone, and write about the Red Bull factory visit which was superb.  I’ve also been to the British Grand Prix since I last wrote anything of any great interest, but the pictures I took there are pretty poor!

I’ve also got the last 2 episodes of the Children Fighting Cancer series sitting on my Sky+ box waiting on me watching them, something I’ve been promising to do for weeks and not got round to yet.  I’m away this weekend to see Keane at The O2 in London, so I will try my very best to get at least one done before then.

I’m sure there are other things I should be doing but I can’t think of anything else off the top of my head!