Scott Speed - Scuderia Toro RossoNot unsurprising news today that Scott Speed has been replaced by Sebastian Vettel at Scuderia Toro Rosso.

It was surely a switch that was going to happen at the end of the season anyway, but the dramas of the last few weeks have simply hurried this process along a bit. Amid rumours that he was not going to be retained for next year, there were even wilder rumours about a physical altercation with his boss at the European Grand Prix - after his comments here Speed’s future was basically decided there and then.

Scott Speed will go down in F1 history as having one of the best names in the sport. And that’s about it! He will also be remembered - rightly or wrongly - as being pretty arrogant and not exactly the nicest guy to get along with in the pitlane.

While we don’t get to meet the drivers personally and work with them on a daily basis, plenty of people who are in that privileged position have spoken out on and off the record about Speed’s attitude and personality.

Personally I didn’t know much about him when he entered F1, and due to ITV’s excellent coverage which focusses on one or two individuals (or one individual now that Lewis Hamilton is on the scene), I have learnt little more about him in his couple of years with Toro Rosso.

To me, he will stick in my mind as the guy who swore at David Coulthard (his sort-of teammate) whilst in a steward’s meeting about an on-track incident which makes you assume he’s not the sharpest chisel in the box. Just where he will go from here is anyone’s guess, but perhaps he is more suited to NASCAR than F1.

As for Vettel, he seems to have been doing a good job in testing for BMW and it’s good see that they aren’t blocking his move to another team even though he is still contracted to them. Should more be read into this - will Red Bull have to scratch BMW’s back in return in the future?

When he drove in place of Kubica at Indy, Vettel became the youngest ever points scorer which is an amazing feat - but probably not something he will be experiencing on a regular basis with his new team unfortunately.