August 2007

David Coulthard - It Is What It Is

I make no secret of the fact that I have been a fan of David Coulthard since he entered F1 in 1994.

DC grew up in south-west Scotland like myself, so the fact that a local boy had made it to the very top of his chosen profession - coupled with the fact that this profession happened to be my favourite sport and was televised every other week made it all the easier for me to follow and support him through his career.

Well, another mixed bag of results - and further proof as if it was needed that I’m never likely to worry bookmakers up and down the country with my predictions!

Here are the actual results from last weekend - those where I guessed the correct result are highlighted in purple and those which have the correct result and score are highlighted in red (or they would be if I had actually got any right!  This is getting worse rather than better!):

English Premiership

Arsenal 1-0 Man City

Aston Villa 2-1 Fulham 

Bolton 3-0 Reading 

Chelsea 1-0 Portsmouth

After the less than successful debut of last week, I thought I’d try my hand at this prediction malarkey again.

Fingers crossed that this week I’ll fair a little better!!

English Premiership

Arsenal 1-1 Man City

Aston Villa 2-2 Fulham 

Bolton 1-2 Reading 

Chelsea 3-1 Portsmouth

Derby 1-0 Birmingham 

Everton 2-1 Blackburn                     

Sunderland 1-2 Liverpool 

West Ham 0-1 Wigan 

Manchester United 2-0 Spurs

Middlesbrough 0-2 Newcastle United

Scottish Premier Division

Celtic 2-1 Hearts

Falkirk 1-1 St Mirren

Gretna 2-1 Motherwell

Hibernian 0-2 Aberdeen

I stumbled across this website - Blog Duck - today, and have now spent a little while reading the last few posts.

The layout is nice, clean and clear which makes the reading of what he has to say that much easier on the eyes!  The content of the site is there to offer hints and tips to bloggers on making their blogs better and hopefully attract more readers.

The latest post today was what really struck a chord with me as it concerned the design of a blog - I’m sure anyone who has a blog will empathise with the ongoing desire to change the design and layout.  I’ve only had this blog a couple of months and I’ve changed it a few times already!

When the time comes, some people simply get down on bended knee to pop the question to the lucky lady, some may just drop it into the conversation that perhaps the time has come to get married. Others have maybe had the need to ask the question forced on them by circumstances, or have felt that there is pressure from an outside source to get on with things.

The common perception is that things were done properly in days gone by, and today’s youth simply have no class, no sense of occasion about these things.

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