The news each night is full of stories about everything from the release of new games consoles, to death and destruction in various places around the world - and all this information is delivered to us by intrepid reporters who have been despatched to these locations to relay on-the-spot and up-to-the-minute content.

All these stories are held together by the anchorman (or woman), who is stuck behind a desk in a studio.

Now this is alright, because they generally describe the events in simple language and show pictures and if necessary graphs and sometimes even a reconstruction.  All these things allow us to take on board the information they have to give, and understand it’s implications.

From time to time however, something catastrophic happens which means the newsreader has to leave his comfy seat behind the fancy desk and head out into the wide world.

And I don’t see the point.

In the past few months we’ve had half the BBC’s news staff stationed in Portugal to cover the Madeleine McCann abduction story, and the latest fad has seen various reporters and broadcasters standing up to their armpits in water at various points around England to cover the floods story.

For a big story, I can understand sending more than one reporter to cover the various angles but I don’t see how having the guy who is meant to be orchestrating the bulletin on the spot helps anybody.  The logistics for the production team must increase in difficulty tenfold, and it does nothing to make me feel the story is any more important than any other.

99% of the time the presenter talks about the story for a couple of minutes by way of introduction and then hands over to a reporter elsewhere to continue with more in-depth analysis.  There’s nothing added to the broadcast by having the presenter in the thick of things, and he does and says nothing that he couldn’t say or do in the studio.

So can we please stop mucking about with the tried and tested formula of having a man in a pair of jeans with a suit jacket on, sitting behind a desk reading an autocue - please!