The annoying thing about people who present sport on TV, is pretty much the same as the thing I hate about news readers.

Normally they are in a studio (often a studio in the stadium or at the golf course or whatever, but in a studio none the less), but then at other times they insist on being right where the action is.

When ITV bought the rights to show F1 in Britain, they started off with a lovely studio which they transported to each Grand Prix but now they have ditched that idea and insist on sending Steve Rider and Mark Blundell out into the pitlane prior to the race.

Anyone who has been within a five mile radius of a Formula 1 car will remember how loud it was, and anyone with half a braincell will know that prior to the race the engineers will be getting the cars fired up ready to go out onto the grid.  So if you put 2 and 2 together you come up with a situation which is going to be tricky for a presenter to handle.

As with the newsreaders, having Steve standing in front of a McLaren garage trying his best to be heard over the noise of 22 F1 engines bursting into life doesn’t make what he is saying any more special than if he was saying while sitting in a quiet studio.

ITV also started a new trend a couple of years ago where the half time analysis in Champions League games was conducted pitchside - again anyone could figure out that it’s going to be harder for the presenter and also harder for the viewers for that kind of thing to be going on in a place where there are up to 70,000 football fans hurling abuse at said presenter and his camera crew.

Just leave them where they belong - in the studio!