It’s interesting to read some of what DC has written on the blog featured on his own site, some of which I will quote here :

Well that was a strange weekend. It’s very much like when I was instantly prevented from taking part in final quali at Monaco, there’s now a new precedent of a five place drop for blocking another driver’s lap. So that penalty won’t happen again. Nor will a car be lifted back onto the track again as Lewis was in Nurburgring. And presumably there will be a new understanding as to what happens when two team mates pit together in qualifying. It’s so difficult to know where you stand and what the ground rules are.

We, as viewers, think we have a hard time trying to understand the rules and also secondguess what punishments will be handed out should those rules be broken - but it would appear the drivers themselves are as confused as us mere mortals!

If that’s the case then I’ve got no chance!

It’ll be interesting to read DC’s other column which he has on ITV’s Formula 1 site, hopefully this will be up on there soon.