Why is it that you spend ages trying to get your blog to look just the way you want it and then as soon as you do, you decide that there’s bound to be a better gadget out there somewhere that you simply must have in your sidebar, or a nicer theme or whatever?

Today I decided to upgrade the version of WordPress which is running on my site - the new one has been out for a little whole now and promises a whole raft of improvements but to be honest I was worried that it would knacker everything I already had so that was putting me off upgrading.  I’ve bit the bullet though and touch wood, everything seems to be okay.

I’ve tried out the new way of ordering the sidebar info, by dragging over my things as widgets instead of setting them out in code, but they didn’t look as nicely formatted etc as they do now so I think I’ll leave them.  Probably with a bit of time spent on finding out how to do this for the best, then they could be switched over at a later date and keep the current formatting.

In the meantime, I need to get back to writing stuff for the blog as there’s not been much happening on here lately!  Must do better!

I suppose the enjoyment of blogging is that you can say what you want and you can also make it appear on the web in the way that you want it to.  There are various other means of communicating via the internet, most of which are apparently a more convenient and successful way of keeping in touch with friends, like MySpace, Facebook etc.

The thing with so called “social sites” though is that you can only really control what you say, and you can only say it to the people you know who are also subscribing to that particular service.  Yes, you can alter your profile and add in various bits and bobs to play music etc - in fact you can probably change things on there as much as you can on an independant blog like this.  I’m not sociable enough to sign up for these things so I don’t know the exact ins-and-outs!

At the end of the day, this blog is as much for me as it is for anyone else - it’s good to just write down what’s on your mind, no matter what rubbish it is!