Further to this post, I saw a natty plugin featuring in the sidebar of a nice blog which I thought I could make use of.

It’s called Now Reading, and basically shows what book you are currently reading (hence the name…), and allows you to link through to the book in Amazon to retrieve the book cover, etc.  You can also add various other information about when you started and finished reading it, as well as doing a little review.

Sounded good to me so I downloaded and activated it - and it looked terrible!

Have now got it looking okay in the sidebar, but the pages which contain the entire library of books I’ve read, and the pages to show the information about a particular book aren’t working so well.

I wish I knew more about this to try and fix it, but I don’t so it’s going to be pretty much trial and error but hopefully I’ll get there sometime soon - apologies in the meantime if the site looks terrible in places!