I don’t really know where to start with this, but strap yourself in because this could be a big one!

This programme could and should have been good - the original idea of showing people just how beautiful the country we live in actually is seems pretty flawless.  The best reality TV is never going to be Big Brother, or I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here or anything else like that, it’s programmes like Planet Earth, Wildlife on One, Blue Planet etc.  Nobody can beat nature for creating stunning and dramatic reality TV.

So, you would assume that a programme showing off Britain at it’s best should be a winner but instead this show highlights practically every aspect of today’s programme making that I can’t stand - therefore I only watched a little bit of it before turning over in frustration.

Firstly, why do we need a favourite view?  In the good old days, we would have had a programme that showcased the countryside all over the British Isles, as well as the more prominent cityscapes as well - and that’s where it would have ended.  Instead, with this show we have to phone up to vote for our favourite view with the four top scoring views returning for a live final, when we will no doubt have to vote again for our favourite from the finalists.  Whoopedoo.

Whoever first dreamt up having all these phonevotes must be laughing all the way to the bank.  I can just about handle having them on shows like X-Factor as they wouldn’t really work as well without them, but there are more and more shows which appear to have these things added to them unnecessarily just to make money.

It’s also a pretty lazy way of making a programme - at the end of the day, it takes the heat off producers as they no longer need to make as many decisions, they just leave it up to the public.  And make a fortune in the process no doubt - but as long as people keep voting then the phonevotes will remain.

Secondly, we don’t actually have any way of submitting our own personal favourite views for consideration - instead we actually just get to pick from the preferred views of 16 celebrities.  While I’m sure these views will be stunning, and a case will be made for each to be the winner, something like this is a very personal thing which again makes me wonder why it has to be a competion at all - apart from as a money-making exercise.

Actually, while on that subject, I see that Amazon are selling a book on the series - another money-making spin-off which will no doubt be followed by a DVD boxset once the live final is over.

This is the kind of show that should really be on the BBC, it’s something they would have done really well - and without a phonevote in sight I’m sure.  I can honestly say that I can’t think of the last time a programme was on ITV which I thought “I must watch that” - it really seems to be going down the pan a bit.  The BBC are the ones getting all the negative publicity lately with the accusations of fixing various shows, but in my view at least the quality of their programmes is of a much higher degree than anything on ITV.

Yes they have programmes which are extremely popular, like X-Factor which is about to return, and also I’m a Celebrity which will no doubt be coming back shortly but in the main these are popular because of the presenters, or judges, and not because of the actual content.  I’m a Celebrity would be nothing without Ant and Dec, similarly X-Factor wouldn’t work as well without Simon Cowell.

This has strayed away from Britain’s Favourite View a little and turned into an attack on ITV in general - oops!

To get back to that show, why is Sir Trevor McDonald hosting the show in a helicopter which doesn’t actually visit any of the views featured?  This is the perfect kind of show for the presenter to actually be on the spot, unlike many others, but instead we had him out and about in a helicopter that must have just flown round in circles!  Another waste of money.

And why is Sir Trevor hosting it in the first place?  My guess is that he has a contract with the station and they don’t know exactly what to do with him, plus getting an ex-newsreader probably was meant to add gravitas to the whole thing.  But sticking him in a Barbour jacket doesn’t suddenly turn him into Sir David Attenbourgh!

A message to ITV’s new Executive Chairman, Michael Grade, to finish, I know the stories are that ITV are losing a bit of money due to falling advertising revenue, but please don’t let that lessen the quality of the station’s output - and please don’t try to regain the lost revenue by asking your viewers to stump up the shortfall by having phonevotes on every show imagineable.