After a bit of fiddling about - okay, a lot of fiddling about and trial and error, I think I’ve got the site looking a bit better.  In my opinion anyway!

I’ve always meant to change the header image away from the default Connections image and have finally now done it - although I’m not overly happy with the one I’ve replaced it with!  It’s an easy job to replace it though once I’ve found one I’m happier with - the nighttime shot that’s up there just now had to be cropped and stretched a bit to fit, so I’m off on a quest to find a picture I’ve taken that will fit better without the need to stretch it too much.

Apart from that, I’ve added on an extra sidebar as I thought the one I had previously was getting a bit too long and I was getting annoyed at having to scroll down so far just to log-in  ;)   It was either a case of splitting that one up or stop adding on “useful” little widgets, and I’m not sure I could cope with that!

There were one or two problems with the switch over, but hopefully most of the pages are now back to looking more or less okay.