I watch the news most days, but generally speaking that’s all I do - watch.  It rarely makes me want to do anything, or even makes me think overly much, although obviously some of the items are so incredibly powerful that you can’t help but be affected.

Nine times out of ten though, what I see doesn’t alter my thoughts at all (if I’ve even got any on that subject!), if something is so terrible or important that it’s made it onto the news then my thoughts on the matter aren’t going to make much difference - or that’s how I think anyway.

If there is an outbreak of some terrible disease, or something similar then while I feel incredibly sorry for those involved, I don’t think about it too much as there are plenty of more intelligent people out there who know more about that subject than me so it’s probably safer to just leave it up to them to figure out.

As for politics, the whole reason I vote for people to go and represent me in the Scottish Parliament or the local Council is so that I don’t have to think about that stuff!  The good thing with that is that I only have to think about big important issues once every four years or so - probably not the right attitude to have, but never mind!

There is an issue which is going to come to a head fairly shortly though, and it’s looking like it’s going to go to a referendum which is basically a politician’s version of phonevotes on a TV show.  It’s a cop-out - they don’t want to be responsible for making a decision that turns out to be wrong so they leave it up to us numpties, the general public.

The SNP leader, and Scotland’s First Minister, Alex Salmond, has been giving a speech about opening up a debate on Scotland’s position in the Union - should it remain there or head off on into the big wide world on it’s own.

I try my best to concentrate on what he is saying, but all the time my brain is saying “Wow, doesn’t he have a face you wouldn’t tire of slapping?” which doesn’t really help.  So far he hasn’t made much of an impression on changing my mind, if there was a referendum tomorrow then I would have to vote against independence mainly because it’s him who is asking me for it.  Even if I had all the facts, I’d probably still vote to stay as part of the Union though as I’m a bit wary of change - especially change for changes sake.

I’ve not heard anything yet which shows one big benefit of severing our ties with England and the rest of the Union, and until the plus points vastly outweigh the negatives then Mr Salmond won’t get my vote in any upcoming referendum.

The main thing which is counting against him, I think, is that he has been banging on about having an independent Scotland for so long now that I think he feels it’s his duty as First Minister to see that through, rather than to be a bit more impartial and sit back, weigh up the options and then decide.

If this referendum does come to pass then it looks like I’ll be the one having to weigh up the options and come to a decision, even though it should really be someone else’s job!