It’s been all over the papers that a postal worker from East Kilbride scooped the massive £35million jackpot in the Euro Millions draw last weekend.

Angela Kelly was the lucky woman, and I’m pretty glad she won - not that I know her, but having seen her press conference she seemed a nice, down to earth type.  The lottery people obviously can’t pick what type of person wins their big prizes (or can they…?), but hopefully more decent, hard-working people like her will win.

There was wall-to-wall coverage of the story as she was Britain’s biggest ever winner of the lottery, so I can understand why she was splashed over all the papers.

What I don’t undertand is why she is in the papers today - on the front of the Scottish version of The Sun is a picture and story of her out shopping with her son, buying goods from a retail outlet park.  The headline wonders why she has to save money by shopping there when she has all that money in the bank - the crux of the matter is that it’s no business but her’s what she spends her money on!

I think it’s refreshing to know that she has all this money, but hasn’t changed to someone who throws it about willynilly overnight.

So please media, just leave the woman in peace to spend her money on whatever she wants.