When I was younger, so much younger than today (I probably owe Paul McCartney a fiver just for writing that!) I was quite interested in photography.  I went to nightclasses and everything!

I can’t remember why I got started with it, but I used to go out and about with my camera taking pictures then head home and develop them in the darkroom that was rigged up in the spare room.  The place stank to the heavens of developing fluid, but the pictures were normally okay so worth the effort.

As I got older, I must have grown out of it as it faded away and I moved on to other things.  All the stuff I learnt back then has gone, I could barely tell you the difference between an f-stop and a bus stop these days!

I recently had the chance to borrow a new digital SLR camera which is the perfect combination of the versatility of an old SLR camera, and the convenience and quality of a modern digital camera.  The main advantage is that you get to see your picture straight away on the little screen, plus you don’t have the palava of having to develop the film and prints - just plug it into your computer and away you go.

This has reignited the urge to go out and take pictures, which is a bad thing as I’m now hankering after a digital SLR.  I’m not one for taking pictures of people, so the fact I never take cameras to weddings or on days out, etc makes people wonder why I want a big expensive camera but I’m lucky enough to live in a beautiful part of the world and to me pictures of scenery and nature are the most dramatic there can be.

The cameras the professionals use are ultra-expensive, but a little research as found that the Canon EOS 400D is probably the one for me.  The camera I had back in the olden days was a Canon EOS 600 I think, or certainly some kind of EOS - I’ve always found them very easy to use and the pictures are excellent quality so I’m inclined to stick with what I know.  Several reviews point to this model as the one of choice for people shopping in that price range as well so it’s not just me who lusts after it!  The other close contender is the new Nikon D40X which runs the Canon pretty close, but as I’ve no experience of Nikons, I think I would personally favour the EOS 400D.

The only trouble is the price - even though it’s based at the amateur end of the market, even internet prices are in and around the £500.00 mark and that’s only with one lens which apparently isn’t all that good.  It would do me a while though, until I saved up for a new one!

So, it’s something to add to the growing wish-list - it can sit on there for a few years along with the Apple MacBook Pro that is also on there!