I don’t want to generalise, but I hate them all.

Well, perhaps that’s a bit too sweeping, but I certainly dislike an awful lot of motorcyclists!

The thing I dislike most about them is that when they don those ridiculous looking leathers, they seem to have to remove their consideration and manners in order to squeeze their bodies in.  I say this because at any hold-up in traffic, whether it’s traffic lights or roadworks, bikers fly past you in all directions to get to the head of the queue.

What’s that all about?  What gives them the right to avoid waiting anywhere like any normal person?

And it’s not down to jealousy that I dislike this - if I had a motorbike then I would like to think I’d have the decency to wait my turn like everyone else.

People on motorbikes seem intent on getting wherever it is they have to go at absolute maximum speed.  The roads around where I live are frequented by bikers so I know how fast they can travel as I watch them overtake traffic here, there and everywhere - often in places where no sane person would even think about overtaking.

They even seem to enjoy the fact that their vehicle isn’t as wide as a car and can therefore overtake even when something is coming the other way, by literally creating a third lane up the centre of the road - something which I think is just stupidity and asking for trouble.

Motorists often get the blame of accidents which involve a car and a bike, as most people would assume the driver of the car simply didn’t see the biker and therefore it must be his fault.  But when the bikes are in places that they really shouldn’t be then how can you blame the driver for not seeing them?

Also, when a driver looks out for other vehicles coming he is normally looking for ones which are travelling at around the speed limit and not necessarily a bike which may be travelling well in excess of this speed - it’s also harder to judge the speed of a bike as it’s size is much smaller relative to other vehicles.

Obviously not all bikers ride in this fashion, but I would estimate that quite a high proportion do - not necessarily all the time, but certainly from time to time.

I think what bikers should bear in mind is that it’s likely that at some point in your life you will be involved in an accident or two - if you happen to be in a car then you will probably live to tell the tale, but it could be quite a different story if you are on a bike at the time as there is very little safety equipment compared to other vehicles.

If someone wants to go out and ride their bike as fast as they can along a deserted stretch of road where any harm that’s going to be done is going to be done to themselves, then fair enough.  But weaving in and out of traffic, and riding between lanes of stationary traffic is simply not on and that’s what really gets my goat.