As much as I dislike a lot of the motorbike riders on the roads, I’ve always liked watching them race on the track.Because of the aerodynamic issues concerning F1 cars these days, the racing isn’t as close as it could be and there is less overtaking as there was in the past. This isn’t the case with bikes as they have obviously got less spoilers etc to disrupt the airflow hitting following bikes.

Crashes in these races can be quite spectacular, as the bikes twitch about and throw their rider off at sometimes quite incredible speeds. It’s amazing to see them so often get back up and try to get their bike started to return to the race.

The rider in this clip from last weekend’s 250cc warm-up race at the MotoGP meeting wasn’t so lucky - this is probably one of the most spectacular crashes I’ve seen, and certainly one of the scariest and most painful.

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The rider, Taro Sekiguchi, is apparently stable in hospital having regained consciousness which is very good news.