I mentioned before about stupid phonecalls at work from people who are supposedly wanting to send out a brochure, but end up wanting strange details from you in return.

Basically they act as if they have already dealt with you before and are apologising for not having sent you the latest catalogue, then they claim their company has won a contract with someone or other and therefore have free gifts to give you as a gesture of goodwill but can only send them to your home address - which they want you to give them over the phone.

The last guy a couple of weeks ago had Marks and Spencer vouchers to give away, and I took a call today from a woman who claimed to have football or rugby shirts to give away.

Apparently her company had won the right to supply toners of all things to every club in the Premier League in England, the Premier League in Scotland and also the international rugby teams of England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales.  What a load of rubbish!  All these teams are governed by different bodies so the chances of them all agreeing to have the same supplier at the same time are practically nil, in my opinion at least.

Anyway, we went through the palava of deciding what shirt I wanted (I said an England rugby shirt just to really rub it in that I knew I was never going to actually receive this stuff), and what size, etc before she asked for my home address - which obviously I didn’t give her.  It’s amazing how long they can talk in order to get you to that point, yet how quickly the conversation ends after they don’t get what they want.

But why do they want this information?  I just can’t understand it.

The woman today knew all about me - my name, employment details and stuff like that - so would my home address complete the set and allow them to “steal” my identity?  I can’t really think of any other reason why they would need it, unless it’s simply to bombard me with junkmail or something.  If it’s the former then it’s a pretty brazen way of going about it!

Either way, I’ll not be giving out my address to anyone who phones - but as they continue to do it then they must be getting some success somewhere.  I bet those people are getting more than just the free shirts they hoped for.