I stumbled across this website - Blog Duck - today, and have now spent a little while reading the last few posts.

The layout is nice, clean and clear which makes the reading of what he has to say that much easier on the eyes!  The content of the site is there to offer hints and tips to bloggers on making their blogs better and hopefully attract more readers.

The latest post today was what really struck a chord with me as it concerned the design of a blog - I’m sure anyone who has a blog will empathise with the ongoing desire to change the design and layout.  I’ve only had this blog a couple of months and I’ve changed it a few times already!

My only slight complaint - and it’s not restricted to just this blog by any means - is the row of icons at the bottom of each post. These allow you to link to the post from a multitude of bookmarking and social networking sites, etc - personally I’m not a fan of this but it’s becoming more popular everywhere these days!

Another post on the site sent me further on to the Fair Review website, which seems like a pretty unique initiative set up by Rhys Wynne in a bid to attract more visitors to blogs and create more of a community atmosphere to the blogging world.