September 2007

…well, technically not yet - but it’s coming and there’s not much anyone can do about it.

He drove magnificently again today, dispelling fears that a wet race would be his downfall.  As those around him flew off the circuit or made poor choices on pitstop strategies, Hamilton kept calm and most importantly kept his car on the grey part of the circuit.

Yes, there was a certain amount of luck involved - both good luck in favour of Lewis, but also bad luck which went against his rivals - but he also showed a large amount of skill in negotiating the 2-hour long race.

There are literally millions of blogs on the web, some are by people who you only come into contact with via that resource (ie, unless you read their blog then you don’t know anything at all about them or what they think), however there are more and more blogs appearing which are from people you already “know”, usually from the TV.

I have to admit that Lewis Hamilton really pulled a rabbit out of the hat today in qualifying for the Japanese grand prix at Fuji.

He really was on the edge of qualifying really badly, not even making it through the first section of the session, but thankfully for him (and those of us who want to see a battle royale between him and Alonso) he managed one more lap which was good enough to put him through. In the final session, it looked like Alonso had the measure of the young Englishman as he was always a small margin ahead throughout, however one final amazing lap stuck Hamilton’s McLaren on pole.

When I first started this blog, I was pretty much swamped with all the things there was to do in order to get it up and running - and more importantly, to get it looking half decent with useful information in the sidebar etc.

Discovering Wordpress was a huge help as using a resource like this is practically essential for someone new to the game, and I’m delighted that I chose this platform to develop the blog.

As if it wasn’t bad enough already, it would appear that ITV’s coverage of Formula 1 is due to get worse instead of better.

No, thankfully Martin Brundle isn’t leaving (as far as I know and hope), and they aren’t officially renaming their programmes The Lewis Hamilton Show - but rather it seems that Ofcom are about to allow commercial television networks the opportunity to show up to 12 minutes of adverts per hour of programme.


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