I’m currently lusting after an Apple MacBook Pro - it’s been niggling at me for months, and I had kinda hoped the urge to get one would have passed by now as they are pretty expensive and I’m lacking in the required capital but it’s still there.

Every now and then I have a rummage about the internet for information on the little gem, especially looking for owner’s thoughts - it’s all well and good knowing that Apple think it’s the best thing since sliced bread, but what’s it like to actually use and live with on a day to day basis?

Obviously, the best place to find that information is on people’s personal blogs - the chances are that they update these blogs from their Apple laptops so if they don’t perform too well then that is bound to get a mention in a blogpost or two.  When he isn’t writing about Formula 1 on his excellent BlogF1 site, Ollie White is updating his own personal blog Knee High To A Grasshopper and he has written there about his first impressions on recently buying a MacBook Pro.  As a fellow Windows user who is slightly reluctant about changing Operating System by switching to a Mac, I found his posts quite reassuring.

There are a multitude of blogs containing posts on Apple ownership though and pretty much all of it is positive.

I’m not sure how I came to be on this website (as usual when browsing the internet, one click leads to another click, which leads from one site to another and so on), but it would appear that this guy also lusted after a MacBook.  His rather ingenius idea though was to ask the readers of his blog to fund the purchase!

Why I hadn’t thought of this before I’ll never know!

In return, donators had their website linked to from the blog - depending on the traffic the guy’s blog generated I suppose this could have been seen as a worthwhile “investment” but surely this is taking things a bit too far?

Maybe I should be adding a PayPal option to all posts from now on…