He does my head in royally!

I’d like video evidence of him ever disagreeing with Steve Ryder as I don’t think he ever has! He simply takes what Steve says in the question, jumbles it all up so it doesn’t make any sense and then spits it back out - after adding in a few extra random words to pad it out.

An average discussion could go something like this :

Steve : So Mark, as our expert pundit, does Lewis really have the upperhand over Alonso this weekend?

Mark : Well Steve, there’s no doubt at all in my mind that personally my opinion is that Lewis most definitely does have the upperhand over Alonso this weekend. I’ve said all along that although Alonso is the faster driver, Lewis would always come out on top. In qualifying, Lewis went quicker than what Alonso did and to be fair that says it all Steve.

I don’t know how he got the job on ITV, presumably he did the same thing in his job interview and the interviewers were extremely pleased that he seemed to be on the same wavelength as them. I’m sure it’s a technique we were taught at school, to start your answer with a rewording of the question - but at 41 surely Mark should have grown out of it by now!

Now that DC is signed up to drive again in 2008, we will have to wait until 2009 at the earliest to have a more eloquent British ex-driver who could be lined up as a replacement…