Well, when I wrote this speculation on what punishment McLaren may get handed in Paris yesterday, in the back of my mind I felt sure they would be docked constructor’s points and that would be about it - depending on the evidence.

To be docked all the points for the entire season would appear a hefty punishment but to back that up with the largest fine in motorsport history, a whopping $1,000,000.00, is a real kick in the teeth for Ron Dennis & Co.  What will happen to that money I wonder, perhaps Ollie White was right over at BlogF1 after all…

We are still awaiting the FIA’s report which will detail all the evidence against McLaren and give some reasoning as to why the punishment was so severe.

At the moment we have to assume that the FIA and World Motorsport Council have deemed the McLaren car to be illegal, therefore surely it shouldn’t be allowed to run at all this season.  The FIA clearly told the McLaren drivers that if they provided evidence against the team then they themselves would be exempt from punishment which would explain why no driver’s points were taken away - but is this fair?

Personally I think the other drivers have every right to feel aggrieved as they are effectively being beaten in a car which shouldn’t be on the grid - and how can that be fair?

It’s true that the drivers didn’t design the car, but if the car is indeed illegal then that doesn’t matter - the team has done wrong, so the entire McLaren team should be punished.

The problem with punishments from the FIA is that they never seem to be consistent.  Teams should know that if they break rule X then they will get punishment Y, but it doesn’t seem to work like that - instead the FIA seem to hand out different punishments for the same rule breah depending on the team involved.  By handing out such a huge fine they should have set a precedent, and any team caught in a similar position should face a similar penalty.

But had this not been McLaren, how could they have expected Spyker or Super Aguri to come up with $1,000,000.00?  Would they have been allowed to pay it up at $10 a week?

It’ll be interesting to find out later today what evidence was levied against McLaren, as Ron Dennis still claims they have done nothing wrong - only when the evidence is known will we be able to see if the penalty fits the crime.