Since this blog started, it has carried a banner at the bottom of the main page offering support of the Bring Madeleine Home campaign - something which features on many blogs and forums.

I presume this was setup by someone close to the family in the hope that it would bring the matter to the attention of more people across the globe and would result in the McCann’s young daughter being found safe and well.

But now that time is pressing on, and the investigation may be turning to focus their attention a little closer to home with the announcement that the parents themselves are being quizzed as suspects, it got me thinking as to whether it was still appropriate to display the banner.

The banner included the line “Displayed in Support of the McCann Family” and I’m just not sure I do support them any more.

So after quite a bit of thought, I’ve decided to remove the banner - for now at least, if there are further developments in the case then it may see a return but until then it’s gone for now.