Aberdeen Football Club badgeSince I was a kid, I’ve supported Aberdeen - I haven’t got a clue why because I couldn’t really live any further away from there!

At primary school this wasn’t really a problem, as they were going through a bit of a golden era and won more than their fair share of trophies.  But come secondary school, Alex Ferguson had set sail to Manchester United and Aberdeen were left in the doldrums - bad times.

I must admit it was always quite nice when people asked if I supported Rangers or Celtic (as most Scottish kids seem to do), and I was always able to answer that it was neither - the wrong answer there was liable to see you end up black and blue.  Of course if they pressed a little further and found out it was Aberdeen I supported then fans from both sides of the Old Firm would gang together to unleash a certain chant about farmyard fornication.

It never really bothered me though, and I just laughed it off.  I’ve always been philosophical about Aberdeen’s results - yes I want them to win and are happy when they do so (on the rare occasions…), but if they don’t then it’s not the end of the world.  This is in stark contrast with the majority of supporters of certain other clubs!

Over the past few years, Scotland’s representatives in televised European games have been mainly Rangers and Celtic - and they have been relatively successful.  Okay, neither has won a European competition for some time but in this day and age a team from Scotland winning a game or two is more than enough to get us neutrals excited.

But tonight, after a successful season last year, it’s Aberdeen’s chance to return to the European arena with a UEFA Cup match against Ukrainian side Dnipro.

And I’m not looking forward to it one bit.

I should really be, but I’m scared that they are going to embarrass themselves as they have done so many times before.  The manager, Jimmy Calderwood, has worked hard on a limited budget to get Aberdeen back up to where they should really be - the third best team in Scotland and therefore on the European stage every year.

But in the past, when they have qualified for European competitions they have let themselves and their fans down by getting beaten by the smallest of opponents.  Tonight though, they seem to be up against a stiffer test.

On Tuesday, Celtic were beaten 2-0 by the team at the top of the league in Ukraine, Shakhtar Donetsk - and Dnipro are a close second in that league.  Given that Celtic should really be classed as better than Aberdeen, this has got me worried that Dnipro may put Aberdeen in the shade tonight.

I’m hoping against hope that I’m wrong, but I’ve a feeling embarrassment may lie ahead for me and the rest of the Aberdeen support.

But I should remain positive I suppose, as you never know what positive thinking might do. C’mon the Reds!