While I’m on the subject of F1 in the media, the written press shouldn’t get off without a mention either.

Newspaper coverage is usually confined to a page at most after each race, but the current situation has allowed them to print a whole lot more - the usual sensationalist stuff which has only a rare semblence to fact.  But they are the tabloids and that’s what they do so we can’t blame them for that.

Given that I like to get the lowdown on the ins and outs of the sport, I always eagerly await the next issue of F1 Racing magazine.  The issue will be read from cover to cover and all devoured in a day or two.

Or that’s how it used to be at least.

Lately, however I’ve found less and less inside that has been worthy of reading.  I’ve always found it informative, interesting and above all else very well written and puctuated with excellent photography.  The last issue however included a piece on Ralf Schumacher that I know I’m not alone in thinking was out of order.

A magazine such as this should inform it’s readership of what is happening - if Ralf is a little abrupt at a photoshoot, then by all means mention it.  Give us the facts and let us decide whether we think Ralf is a nice guy or not - the editor of a magazine has no right to enforce his opinion on me or his other readers.

This month’s issue dropped through the letterbox at the weekend and as usual, I’ve been through it from cover to cover.  But unusually, I’ve not read everything in between - and much of what I did read lacked any appeal for me.

So what has changed?  Is it me, or the magazine?

Personally I think it’s the magazine - but then I would say that wouldn’t I!  This championship is supposedly the best for years (so F1 Racing say themselves) so why is most of the magazine devoted to features on how tyres work, interviews with Mark Webber (the main point being he is from Australia) and Nick Heidfeld (the main point being he has a beard, like the guy interviewing him), and just a few pages on Alonso, Raikkonen and Massa?

The timing of the McLaren hearing last week probaby wasn’t very kind to the writers as much of this issue would have had to be sent to print prior to hearing the verdict.  There are a few pages on the story though and these are an interesting read even though we have heard pretty much all of it before elsewhere.  Given that the date was known for a while, surely they should have been focussed elsewhere and concentrated on giving more of the magazine over to the drivers side of things?

The cover is one of the worst ever, featuring the 4 championship contenders in boxer’s poses - Alonso and Raikkonen in particular looking like they have acheived these poses through Photoshop rather than in real life.  The cover promises the full story of the race for the title, but inside the stories simply don’t deliver.

This is the final issue before the season finishes so I was really looking forward to it arriving and instead I’ve been left really disappointed.

With the close season coming up it would seem like the perfect time to cancel my subscription - I could understand why those issues may be a bit thinner and duller than usual, but at this time of year it’s an absolute disgrace.

They claim to be “The World’s Best Selling Grand Prix Magazine”, but to be fair there’s not much competition - perhaps that’s half the trouble…