As if it wasn’t bad enough already, it would appear that ITV’s coverage of Formula 1 is due to get worse instead of better.

No, thankfully Martin Brundle isn’t leaving (as far as I know and hope), and they aren’t officially renaming their programmes The Lewis Hamilton Show - but rather it seems that Ofcom are about to allow commercial television networks the opportunity to show up to 12 minutes of adverts per hour of programme.


The current limit is apparently 7 minutes, although in the middle of a grand prix it would seem that it’s a lot longer than that! Although Ofcom could increase is to as much as 12 minutes, it’s expected to actually allow 9 minutes - which is still way more than the average F1 fan would like to see during each race. That’s 9 minutes per hour, so it’s feasible that we could be subjected to 18 minutes of adverts should a race run the full 2 hours - that’s pretty much an sixth of the race which we won’t get to see!

If this comes to pass then surely it has to count against ITV when it comes time to renegotiate it’s contract with Bernie - though Bernie will no doubt go with whoever offers him the biggest pile of cash, and we will be left to watch our sport on whichever platform he sees fit!