When I first started this blog, I was pretty much swamped with all the things there was to do in order to get it up and running - and more importantly, to get it looking half decent with useful information in the sidebar etc.

Discovering Wordpress was a huge help as using a resource like this is practically essential for someone new to the game, and I’m delighted that I chose this platform to develop the blog.

There are so many different plugins and widgets, etc available to add various points of information and anyone who visits regularly will see that the sidebar changes practically weekly!  Some plugins have only a short stay of execution as I decide it’s pointless, or doesn’t fit in for one reason or another - while others have been there from the start.

The point is that the blog is forever evolving, and the time has come for a big step - well a big step for me at least!

Although this is classed as a personal blog, ie it’s not about any one topic in particular, I didn’t ever intend for it to focus on me personally if that makes any sense.  I wanted to simply write posts about things which interested me in the hope that they in turn would interest other people and perhaps start a bit of a debate or discussion.   So far, I’m pretty happy at the way things are working out - I’ve played about with the layout, added plug-ins that I feel add to the blog and I have reasonable readership numbers.

I’ve had a couple of other sites review the blog, and in general the comments on it’s layout and content have been surprisingly positive.  I say surprising because I didn’t really expect anyone to take the time to bother analysing the stuff that I say!

One negative point was that because the blog is essentially about what I think, there’s very little information about who I am.  At first, I left an About Me page off the site as I’m not really comfortable writing stuff like that - it’s always easier to write about other people!  I did intend to go back and add one at a later date, but kept putting this off.

Now the time has come though!

I haven’t a clue what to put, which isn’t a very good starting point.  I hate even talking about myself, let alone write, as I seem to be a poor judge of what is interesting and what isn’t as far as I am concerned.  To be honest, I very rarely even read About Me pages on other sites, as generally speaking I’m on a site to read a post about a particular thing and not to get to know the life history of the writer.

Having said that, there are some sites or blogs which I visit regularly and I do find myself reading away to find out a little more about the person who writes the posts I find so interesting.

As a starting point, I’m off on a search around the net for tips on what makes a good About Me page, anyone with thoughts can please add them here - I should have plucked up the courage to write my own page shortly, I hope…