There are literally millions of blogs on the web, some are by people who you only come into contact with via that resource (ie, unless you read their blog then you don’t know anything at all about them or what they think), however there are more and more blogs appearing which are from people you already “know”, usually from the TV.

The BBC are promoting blogs on their site from several different sources - from newsreaders and radio DJs to presenters and even those behind-the-scenes. This is an interesting development, to me at least, as people often come across different in the written word as to how they appear on screen. To me, reading something from a script or off an autocue is a much less intimate experience than reading something someone has taken the time to write themselves - assuming that they do actually write them themselves!

One of my personal favourites to read from the BBC is Chris Evans’ blog. He actually comes over as being quite like how he is on TV, which is to say that he seems to be a happy-go-lucky, decent bloke. All in all, the kind of chap you wouldn’t mind spending some time in the company of.

One guy off the TV who I find fascinating and think would be excellent company, is Stephen Fry. His show QI on BBC2 makes him appear to know everything about literally everything. Now obviously, he has an army of researchers who look into these things, and he has an autocue to read from but I really get the impression that he does indeed know an awful lot more than the average person. The fact that he uses huge words that I’ve never heard of before only confirm this as far as I’m concerned!

So as a fan of Stephen Fry and blogs in general, I was over the moon when I found out this week that the man himself has started a personal blog, and from reading the first couple of entries posted this week I think it’s clear that he does actually write it himself. How on earth he finds the time I will never know as his posts so far have been anything but succinct and are heavily embedded with links here, there and everywhere (well not here unfortunately but you get the idea!) which must take him an age to sort out and research.

I usually prefer short posts, depending on the subject of course, but so far his posts have been so well written and engaging that you can rattle through them in no time.  Not to say that they are necessarily easy reading, he writes as he talks - using big words usually! - which can make some parts hard to get through but anything that makes you think and leaves you with a better understanding of a particular subject is all you can ask of a blog post.

Because of that, I’ve a feeling that I will be staying a subscriber to Mr Fry’s blog for some time to come.