…well, technically not yet - but it’s coming and there’s not much anyone can do about it.

He drove magnificently again today, dispelling fears that a wet race would be his downfall.  As those around him flew off the circuit or made poor choices on pitstop strategies, Hamilton kept calm and most importantly kept his car on the grey part of the circuit.

Yes, there was a certain amount of luck involved - both good luck in favour of Lewis, but also bad luck which went against his rivals - but he also showed a large amount of skill in negotiating the 2-hour long race.

As we head to China next weekend, he really only needs to score some points in order to claim his first championship - from a selfish and neutral point of view it would of course be ideal if he actually had his first race retirement and didn’t score at all!  That wouldn’t really be fair on him though, as I’m sure he would rather not have the title race go down to the wire in Brazil.

Alonso on the other hand would like nothing more, as would the millions of fans watching around the world, so bring on China!