October 2007

Alan JohnstonI’m going to break the first rule of blogging and assume you know who Alan Johnston is - if you don’t then please feel free to click the link from his name to find out more about him.

He has been a man used to informing the public of the news in various war-torn parts of the world, but in 2007 he actually was the news for a great part of the year.

In March he was kidnapped and kept hostage for 117 days, with very little information being released regarding either who was holding him or what state he was in personally.

Animal clips are the best in my opinion - whether they are actual video footage, or animations.

A little trawl through YouTube has brought up this little lot which have all made me chuckle.

Not sure if the Glesga Dug one will be appealing to those outside Scotland but it did make me laugh, though I have to warn you that there are some sweary words in it if you are easily offended - so let’s get it out of the way first.

YouTube Preview Image

It’s an obvious reworking of the old Creature Comforts clips, but I think it works quite well!

Well it’s certainly been an eventful season, I don’t think anyone could argue with that! Some of it has been good and some of it has been bad, but from both of these we can learn things which should be either repeated or avoided next year when it all starts again.

It would be easy to say that the FIA are the ones who should be changing, and in some instances that is correct but from a personal viewpoint I think there are a few other people who also need to change in some areas.

But let’s start with the FIA:

This was being billed as a big weekend for English sport - first up today was the final of the Rugby World Cup, followed tomorrow by Lewis Hamilton striving to win the F1 World Championship.

Unfortunately, the first part hasn’t gone to plan, as the English were beaten in a pretty poor, nervy game by South Africa.  There wasn’t a huge amount of good flowing rugby played, and as seems to be the norm these days the emphasis was on kicking penalties and drop goals rather than winning by scoring tries.

The BBC has today announced that there are to be massive job losses at the corporation over the next few years.

Essentially, 2,500 jobs will be lost over the next 6 years but due to a change around in departments and various mergers, there will actually be 700 new jobs created so the net sum of job losses will be 1,800.

There will also be a cutback in the amount of new programmes produced by the station, which obviously means that the number of repeats is set to rise as a consequence.

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