Well, just as I published that last post it has appeared online that the stewards at this week’s race are to investigate Hamilton’s driving behind the safety car.

The outcome of this may be massive - if he is demoted down the grid, he can be expected to get into the points but just how many could he score?  If Ferrari and McLaren are relatively even on performance then a podium is pretty much out of the question, but 4th position may be within the realms of the possibility.

It would allow Alonso to catch him back up a little bit in the title race - assuming everyone has decent reliability and the weather is fair, etc and allow them to still have something to race for in Brazil.

If the stewards are as impartial as they are supposed to be then they simply must hand down a punishment to Hamilton - how they could demote Vettel 10 grid places and not mete out any punishment at all to Hamilton would simple be beyond belief.

Tomorrow is going to be an interesting day!