Last summer I decided to take up running (it’s really jogging, but that word sounds a bit limpwristed to me for some reason…) so two or three nights a week I would head off into the woods and put my body through some severe punishment before returning home feeling like a wreck.

Although I thought myself relatively fit, I had always shied away from running and had myself convinced that I couldn’t do it - perhaps part of the reason why I forced myself to give it a go.

At first, I couldn’t go 200 yards without thinking my legs were about to fall off and my lungs implode but over time and with a lot of determination (and some “mind over matter” techniques) I was up to running 4 or 5 miles at a time.  May not sound a lot, but at nights after work it seemed like I was running forever.

To be honest, I should have pushed on and altered the route so that I could run further but that was the longest trail available where I went running so it was as far as I went last year.

I’ve never fancied running around the town so when the darker nights drew in around September/October time, my running was curtailed for the season.

This year, due to other factors, I’ve not really got back to it.  I did go out a few times earlier in the year and was pleasantly surprised to find that my body hadn’t totally deteriorated back to square one, but I’ve not been able to regularly get back to it which has been a bit disappointing.

I think had things been different and I had had the time, then I would have entered some kind of charity event to force myself to increase the distance and also to make sure I ran more regularly.

Hopefully, I will get to that stage next year - not sure I’ll ever be up to marathon distances but a 10k run would perhaps put me in the notion of trying a half-marathon at some point and raise money for charity at the same time.  Either that or put me off running for life!

Now winter is drawing ever closer and the nights are too dark to be heading off into the wilderness, I have been thinking lately about indoor running - buying a treadmill for use in the house.

This has obvious advantages, but also a pile of disadvantages which at the moment are vastly outweighing the good points!

Firstly, there is the cost - the great outdoors is beautiful and free whereas treadmills cost - and some of them cost a lot.  How do you decide which is best for you?  A cheap one will not be as well made as an expensive one (logic would make you assume anyway), but to buy an expensive one and not use it much doesn’t make sense either.

Also, where to put it?  Having recently made a step onto the property ladder, I’ve been racking my brains for somewhere to have a treadmill in the house and I can’t think of an ideal place!  Having it upstairs (the only half-realistic option) would likely mean a lot of noise when it is in use - and is it good for the house to have one in an upstairs room?  Foldaway machines nowadays are apparently still well-built and a lot more convenient but they still need to be stored somewhere and you still need somewhere decent to use them!

More thought is needed I think, and a lottery win would be quite handy too in the meantime!